On September 23rd -25th , 2021 in Wroclaw, Hexanova took part in the XXXIVth National Congress of The Polish Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (PSGaO).

Among many topics on the treatment of intimate infection, there was presented a lectures on the treatment of viral infections, including HPV infections, ASC-US lesions, LSIL, HSIL. Abnormal cytology is still a challenge for HPV virus elimination. During one of the lectures, the results of a study with the use of Hexatiab® SOFTGEL vaginal capsules in the treatment of viral infections were presented.

The therapy with Hexatiab® SOFTGEL has been shown to be effective in the treatment of inflammation and abnormal cytology in 76% of patients with ASCU-S and L-SIL lesions. TIAB silver  in vaginal capsules (Hexatiab SOFTGEL vaginal capsules) has also been recommended by The Polish Society of Gyneacologists and Obstetricians (PSGaO 2020) as a local antiseptic in the treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral vaginal infections.