Gynecology and obstetrics every day
Oct. 3-5th 2019, Wroclaw

On October 3-5th 2019 in Wroclaw, Hexanova took part in the national congress entitled “Gynecology and obstetrics every day“, under the scientific guidance of Professor Mariusz Zimmer. The event was attended by many outstanding specialists in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. During the conference there were 2 lectures on:

1) Probiotics during pregnancy – what does the gastroenetrologist think about it? Professor Jacek Muszyński, MD, Ph.D

2) Ionic silver formulations (TIAB) in the management of abnormal cytology, Wojciech Homola, MD

During the lecture conducted by Professor Jacek Muszyński from the Warsaw Clinic of Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw, an innovative probiotic for pregnant and breastfeeding women was presented – Lactinova® mama.

In turn, Doctor Homola presented the results of the study, where the effectiveness of TIAB silver (Hexatiab® softgel) in the treatment of abnormal changes in cytological smears (ASC-US and LSIL) was presented. Test results confirmed the effectiveness of TIAB silver in inflammation and abnormal cytological smears at the level of 76%.