During the days: October 6th -9th 2021 in Serock, Hexanova® took part in the 20th Congress of the Polish Society of Colerectal Surgery.

Over 700 specialists from all over Poland and abroad participated in the congress. During one of the sessions, new methods of treating haemorrhoidal disease and anal fissures were presented. Hexanova® Medical Department representative presented the latest reports on the use of a new, receptor-based method of treating hemorrhoids and anal fissures using the patented product: PROCTO-ZAC® Memethol Barrier spray. More than 300 specialists participated in the lecture entitled: “PROCTO-ZAC® Memethol Barrier spray a new receptor-based treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures”. The presentation of the PROCTO-ZAC® product met with great interest of specialists in the field of surgery and proctology.